Thottu kadai orathile lyrics

Sangeetha and Ananya, my wonderful friends came up with the idea of singing and practicing songs together.  WE got together and sang twice and boy what amazing experience it was. Singing is healing, but when done in a group IT is really something !! Beyond what words can describe. Such a soul touching and healing experience. Music has no boundaries, Music has no language restrictions… Music can nourish any living thing on this earth. It is nothing short of  a miracle. Sangeetha, Radhika, Ananya, Rajeev, Shammi, Sudha, Preetha, Koushal, Arya, Koushals dad, Naveen, Vicknes, Shivesh, Vishwesh ,Isha  and I had wonderful time singing and cracking jokes day before yesterday 🙂 and even some one had fun dancing 😀 I have become […]

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