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Hi there! This is Koki a SAHM of two lovely little boys. This is our journal of all the fun we have together at home, our serious thoughts and rants, our trials experiments, goof ups and triumphs 🙂 As we live and learn together in this journey called LIFE

We strongly feel that Parents are the first and the best friends that any child can get if the parents are thoughtful enough. We are strong believers that our kids are the souls that chose us for parents in their journey, this was done for a reason. We are grateful for our sons choosing us for their parents, every living moment of our lives. We take their tiny hands for guidance to heal and live life wholly, for they are closer to GOD and life than any other person we know.

We as a family are striving our best to live life in the most sustainable way we can exploring natural living, healthy eating and joyful learning. WE would love to share this anytime with anyone who is really interested!!

So Welcome to our little space and we really hope you enjoy as well as take home some food for thought..

With Prayers and love,

Koki, Vicky, Little S & Little V



  • Latha Subramanian

    A great start koki !! Keep going…

  • Hi koki,
    simple and beatiful outline about your life tour and i like it verymuch.

  • Dear Koki

    I’m writing to you from The Alternative (www.thealternative.in), an online publication with a focus on sustainable living and social impact in India.

    I came across your blog and found your posts very interesting for our sustainable lifestyle section (http://www.thealternative.in/sustainable-lifestyle/). We would be happy to look at reposting some of your posts to begin with and subsequently publish original posts from you.

    With an Alexa rank of 7088 and average 2 lac hits every month, not to mention being the most read sustainability magazine in India, your original posts first published in The Alternative (http://www.thealternative.in/) will help to gather maximum traffic back to your blog. All of this and an awesome chance to be a part of our writer engagement model that subsequently rewards its top writers a notable portfolio as an online journalist, a chance to travel, attend the biggest conferences in India and a commissioned series.

    Look forward to hearing from you on how best we can work together! (Please write back to us into contribute@thealternative.in)

    • Dear Shruthi

      I am humbled as I read your comment for my blog is just a baby :). I will definitely love to work with the Alternative. Just that its a little hard to work with timelines etc. being a homeschooling mom of two little boys. I will be honored to write for the Alternative.
      you can reach me at kokilashree.alangaram@gmail.com if you need.

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