DIY Natural cleaners series – Dishwash powder

Dishwashing is an every day chore and something which determines our family’s health too. I would not compromise on that with toxic cleaners.

Here is a Dishwash powder recipe which was originally from my friend Sangeetha Sriram, but I modified it with locally available materials


  • Wood ash or Used Coffee Grounds – 50% (Sieve it fine for best results)
  • I substitute this with wood ash as that’s more easily available for me
  • . Citrus Peel Powder – 25%soapnutShikakai Powder – 12.5%
  • Soapnut Powder – 12.5%

Procedure to make and use the powder

  • Mix all the powders, seive them together once. store this powder in an airtight container.
  • Take a spoon of the powder into a bowl, use the powder using your scrubber to clean your vessels and ceramic surfaces
  • I love the texture and the feel of the powder on my vessels when using it and the fact that they use far lesser water that their chemical counterparts. They are safe and non-toxic 🙂 What can stop me from loving them?Nothing !!!

Happy dish washing.

I heard that Mahua or Illupai oil cakes are a great addition to the dishwash powder, waiting to get my hands on them to add to my dishwash powder



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