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Orange and Choclate chip cookies

I hope all of you would have watched the Movie AVATAR by now, if you have not I would highly recommend that you do. It is totally an amazing experience. James Cameroon has won again… He has used technology to bring to screen a delicate love story with a deeper message. The message is ?extremely [...]

Whole wheat Pav& Bhaji -Especially for Nupur

Day 6 of Recipe Marathon

Oh GOD! Am I dreaming …(pinch) nope its true… I have survived the marathon full 5 days and I am still running … Thanks a million Nupur you helped me overcome a blogging block.. but for you my blog would have been weary and dry in?December?as the Chicago winter.. You [...]

Oven Roasted Ennai Kathrikai Kuzhambu

Day 5 of the Recipe Marathon

Couple of weeks back when I was chatting with my dearest Mony anna, he reminded me of this “Ennai Kathrikkai Kuzhambu”.

Mony anna’s mom, my Periamma(aunt), is an expert cook, GOD I could just lick my plates clean when she cooked. No wonder Mony anna loves and enjoys eating [...]

Butternut Squash Manicotti with Bechamel sauce

Day 4 of Recipe Marathon

Warning!!!! Warning!!! ?This is not for the faint hearted, weight and waist watchers. This is not for those who think eating ?cheese will burst their arteries… Yes it is a whole cheessssy affair. I use low fat cheeses to reduce the guilt factor associated, but still this recipe is not [...]

Baked Masala Vadai – A guilt free indulgence

Neivedyam in temples and homes, Snacks in Canteens, Restaurants, hotels, motels, railway stations, street side tea stalls… you name the place in Tamil Nadu and I bet you will find dearest “MASALA VADAI” grinning at you gloriously.

*-For those who are wondering what Neivedyam is, It is an offering made to GOD during prayers to [...]

Snake gourd & Egg curry

Day 2 of the recipe marathon…Thanks to Nupur and her Novel marathon without which I am sure this blogspace ?would have taken backseat again. ?Right from the second, I read her post on the marathon, my hands itched to register for the event but my mind said” U have a toddler to run [...]

Fruit n Nut Cake (Alcohol free) – bask in the festive mood

I love being in the US during the holiday season.. ? We don’t celebrate Christmas at home so its not the gifts or Santa or stockings or reindeers that delight me. It is actually the hope and warmth that this season brings along. The merry and joyous spirit of this season is quite infectious and [...]