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Crispy crunchy Orange Almond cookies

There is an animation series “The super sleuths” which has my son’s favourite POOH and Tigger in it. There is an episode which is about “COOKIE TREE”. Finally they conclude there is no such thing as Cookie tree…..Pooh was correct it would be [...]

5 minutes Maaladdu

If you had grown up in India, I am sure you will remember the Maggi Ad telecasted in 90′s “Ma bhook lagi… bas do minute bete… Maggi Maggi Maggi”. Well thats how they marketed Maggi and it made its grand entry into the Indian kitchens,altering the traditional food practices, with its promise of convenience .. [...]

Whole wheat Pav& Bhaji -Especially for Nupur

Day 6 of Recipe Marathon

Oh GOD! Am I dreaming …(pinch) nope its true… I have survived the marathon full 5 days and I am still running … Thanks a million Nupur you helped me overcome a blogging block.. but for you my blog would have been weary and dry in?December?as the Chicago winter.. You [...]

Baked Masala Vadai – A guilt free indulgence

Neivedyam in temples and homes, Snacks in Canteens, Restaurants, hotels, motels, railway stations, street side tea stalls… you name the place in Tamil Nadu and I bet you will find dearest “MASALA VADAI” grinning at you gloriously.

*-For those who are wondering what Neivedyam is, It is an offering made to GOD during prayers to [...]

Murukku – A crunchy snack from the land of temples

Diwali is not Diwali for me if Murukku is not made.

Back at home, the preparations would start a week before Diwali. I think my family enjoyed these days before Diwali more than the actual festival. Amma, Menaka(my lil sister) and I would plan atleast 7 to 9 snacks and sweets for Diwali. Murukku and [...]