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Kodumpuli itta curry

After moving to the farm, I started learning a lot more recipes from the Kerala cuisine, from my neighbor and friend Lily Chechi.

We love everything , yes every single thing she cooks. Her secret ingredients are her passion for cooking and the love with which she cooks for people.

She inspires me in several [...]

Dalma – A dedication to all my friends from Odisha


I am fortunate to learn yoga under Ms.Saraswati Vasudevan from Yogavahini at Chennai. Its an excellent and blessed place to connect to the knowledge of Yoga through various gurus in the lineage of the legendary yoga guru Sri Krishnamacharya. Life got me the blessing to learn here and also got me great friends for [...]

Pachai Mochai kootu – Pongal special

Here I am wishing all of you a wonderful and delightful ?PONGAL.

PONGAL is tamizh Thanks giving. Yes this is a 4 days celebration to thank nature for all its timely shower of blessings that helps us get a good harvest and ofcourse good food ?for a long time after that…

Day 1 is BHOGI [...]

Whole wheat Pav& Bhaji -Especially for Nupur

Day 6 of Recipe Marathon

Oh GOD! Am I dreaming …(pinch) nope its true… I have survived the marathon full 5 days and I am still running … Thanks a million Nupur you helped me overcome a blogging block.. but for you my blog would have been weary and dry in?December?as the Chicago winter.. You [...]

Oven Roasted Ennai Kathrikai Kuzhambu

Day 5 of the Recipe Marathon

Couple of weeks back when I was chatting with my dearest Mony anna, he reminded me of this “Ennai Kathrikkai Kuzhambu”.

Mony anna’s mom, my Periamma(aunt), is an expert cook, GOD I could just lick my plates clean when she cooked. No wonder Mony anna loves and enjoys eating [...]

Snake gourd & Egg curry

Day 2 of the recipe marathon…Thanks to Nupur and her Novel marathon without which I am sure this blogspace ?would have taken backseat again. ?Right from the second, I read her post on the marathon, my hands itched to register for the event but my mind said” U have a toddler to run [...]

Spinach Poricha kuzhambu and some parenting gyan!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

This statement is so true; I realized it the moment when my little one was born in the delivery room. I was undergoing a surgery, it [...]

Vendakkai Puli Pachadi- Okra in tangy tamarind sauce

Out of the 200 different viruses that cause common cold, I am not sure which one fell in love with my son. ?Last week was bad with my little one suffering with cold; I neither felt like blogging nor did I have the energy to blog. Now things are better, Thanks to all our well [...]