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Whole wheat Pav& Bhaji -Especially for Nupur

Day 6 of Recipe Marathon

Oh GOD! Am I dreaming …(pinch) nope its true… I have survived the marathon full 5 days and I am still running … Thanks a million Nupur you helped me overcome a blogging block.. but for you my blog would have been weary and dry in?December?as the Chicago winter.. You [...]

Mooli Parathas

Parathas and Koki are inseparable…Probably this is the comment you might get when you inquire my family and friends about my culinary skills.

It is a part of my history. Let me rack my brains to explain…Hmm I had great interest in cooking right from my 5th Grade. Thanks to Gokulam Magazine which carried kid [...]

Whole Wheat Pizza.. A Healthy version of the Italian delight!!

Pizza – You just have to mention the name to ?make millions drool ?Thats the height this world-famous dish has reached. It?has?been around ?for centuries; but I have read that post-world war II it became quite popular in the United States. Now it has reached almost every country were fast food is a fashion.?When we [...]