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Meeska Mooska MICKEY MOUSE!!!

Quite a lonnnnnnnnnng time since I blogged ! Even before I start with my reasons let me , thank every one of you who called or mailed to enquire if everything was fine. To be honest life got very busy and then we had two vicious cycles of cold virus attack in our family to [...]

Wishing DH a very happy b’day with a yummy cake!!!

Spring is in the air.. People are seen with thinner coats walking their pets around.. Squirrels, sparrows, ducks and lots of other birds are back to fascinate my toddler

It feels like GOD has decided to paint his white canvas after all these months… I am dying to see him use the lush greens [...]

Semiya Paayasam – Vermicelli Payasam

It was MAHASHIVARATRI yesterday. This day brings back fond memories of my late maternal Grandma.

I have seen and learnt about this wonderful day from her, she was an ardent devotee and very sincere with everyday pooja rituals and fasting. Let me share with you whatever my Grandma taught me

How is MAHASHIVARATRI celebrated:


Thiruvadirai Kali

This post had been in draft for a long time.. .?I thought of posting it now before PONGAL comes knocking on my door… You see I believe in “Better late than never”..

“Namaha Shivaya vaazhga Naadhan thaal vaazhga

Imai pozhudhum en nenjil neenga dhaan vaazhga”

(Blessed is the name Na Ma Si Va Ya ! [...]

5 minutes Maaladdu

If you had grown up in India, I am sure you will remember the Maggi Ad telecasted in 90′s “Ma bhook lagi… bas do minute bete… Maggi Maggi Maggi”. Well thats how they marketed Maggi and it made its grand entry into the Indian kitchens,altering the traditional food practices, with its promise of convenience .. [...]

Fruit n Nut Cake (Alcohol free) – bask in the festive mood

I love being in the US during the holiday season.. ? We don’t celebrate Christmas at home so its not the gifts or Santa or stockings or reindeers that delight me. It is actually the hope and warmth that this season brings along. The merry and joyous spirit of this season is quite infectious and [...]

Starting Problem ends with Kaju Katli!!

Why would someone name the first post with such a?weird?name, you might be wondering.?Listen to my story and you would second me for sure.

I don’t know if ?its the Indian IT industry or the global warming that is aiding my “Memory Loss” so well, but its proceeding at a slow but steady pace.One of [...]