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Mooli Parathas

Parathas and Koki are inseparable…Probably this is the comment you might get when you inquire my family and friends about my culinary skills.

It is a part of my history. Let me rack my brains to explain…Hmm I had great interest in cooking right from my 5th Grade. Thanks to Gokulam Magazine which carried kid [...]

Whole Wheat Pizza.. A Healthy version of the Italian delight!!

Pizza – You just have to mention the name to ?make millions drool ?Thats the height this world-famous dish has reached. It?has?been around ?for centuries; but I have read that post-world war II it became quite popular in the United States. Now it has reached almost every country were fast food is a fashion.?When we [...]

You can save the world!!!

Today my heart is heavy. I am sad. Whenever something bad happens to somebody very close to us this does happen. It is true that until a tragedy happens to someone we know, its just another news..that’s how we are .

Anyway this sadness stopped me from blogging about food, but forced me to write [...]

Murukku – A crunchy snack from the land of temples

Diwali is not Diwali for me if Murukku is not made.

Back at home, the preparations would start a week before Diwali. I think my family enjoyed these days before Diwali more than the actual festival. Amma, Menaka(my lil sister) and I would plan atleast 7 to 9 snacks and sweets for Diwali. Murukku and [...]

Starting Problem ends with Kaju Katli!!

Why would someone name the first post with such a?weird?name, you might be wondering.?Listen to my story and you would second me for sure.

I don’t know if ?its the Indian IT industry or the global warming that is aiding my “Memory Loss” so well, but its proceeding at a slow but steady pace.One of [...]