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Crispy crunchy Orange Almond cookies

There is an animation series “The super sleuths” which has my son’s favourite POOH and Tigger in it. There is an episode which is about “COOKIE TREE”. Finally they conclude there is no such thing as Cookie tree…..Pooh was correct it would be [...]

Kaanum Pongal and a feast

This is a post without any recipes but I promise a virtual feast for your eyes

Well ?as I told in my previous post that Kaanum Pongal is all about meeting and greeting people. Now how do you manage to meet and greet when you are stuck with bone chilling cold outside and snow [...]

Pachai Mochai kootu – Pongal special

Here I am wishing all of you a wonderful and delightful ?PONGAL.

PONGAL is tamizh Thanks giving. Yes this is a 4 days celebration to thank nature for all its timely shower of blessings that helps us get a good harvest and ofcourse good food ?for a long time after that…

Day 1 is BHOGI [...]

Thiruvadirai Kali

This post had been in draft for a long time.. .?I thought of posting it now before PONGAL comes knocking on my door… You see I believe in “Better late than never”..

“Namaha Shivaya vaazhga Naadhan thaal vaazhga

Imai pozhudhum en nenjil neenga dhaan vaazhga”

(Blessed is the name Na Ma Si Va Ya ! [...]

5 minutes Maaladdu

If you had grown up in India, I am sure you will remember the Maggi Ad telecasted in 90′s “Ma bhook lagi… bas do minute bete… Maggi Maggi Maggi”. Well thats how they marketed Maggi and it made its grand entry into the Indian kitchens,altering the traditional food practices, with its promise of convenience .. [...]