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Home remedies from mine to yours!

My Dad hails from a little village in Ramanathapuram district of Tamilnadu called “Chitrangudi”. Its a remote village with electicity, bus services, cable TV but no doctors :) Yup people still go to nearby towns for medical facilities. It is a government recognized Bird sanctuary … We have lots of birds if monsoons don’t fail us. Here is a click on a bright and wonderful morning of my lil village :)

The serenity and peace of mind that this place offers is unbelievable and any amount of meditation in a buzzing city can never compete with it. Oh GOD how I miss the place. ?We used to visit this place for every summer vacation. I have wonderful and treasured childhood memories associated with my village. ?The farm visits, watching birds from the tower, playing Pallankuzhi with my cousins, eating fresh mangoes, fresh from farm veggies, those naps on the cot under the neem tree… the list never ends. Small things that gave bigger satisfaction than things that money could buy.

My curious ( n stupid hihihi) cousin brothers even formulated some mixed veggies juice and injected it into a few plants in the yard. Those plants wilted… GOD knows what their formula was.

We used to have competition, it might sound super stupid but don’t say that ok, we loved it when we were kids. We will each get an empty bril ink bottle ( my aunts and uncles were all teachers so no shortage for such stationeries) and then start hunting for gums from tree barks. At the end of a week who ever collects the maximum and has the greatest amount of glue in the bottle from these gums is the winner. We used to find secret places to hide our bottles so that no one else steals ;)

Ok now back to the main post, my Dad being born and brought up in this Doctor less village hates going to Doctors. I am glad atleast now he goes for regular check ups to keep his BP and blood sugar in control. He usually opted for??”PAATTI VAITHIYAM” over the allopathic pills. “PAATTI VAITHIYAM”?translates to Grandmas treatment in general because you know such remedies are tried, tested and passed along generations after generations.

For me the first ingredient to any remedy is ?common sense. Yes because we should not try a home remedy for Heat attack or try to use an ingredient that we are allergic to kill ourself instead. Hey hey wait I did not mean to scare you away from home remedies. The point is to know when to use a remedy or when to go see your doc that’s it.

Infact for certain ailments Paati vaithiyam wins hands down. No side effects unlike the chemical filled capsules and pills we swallow.

Ruchika announced her Home remedies round 2 and I really wanted to send in an entry.. So here I am trying hard to meet the deadline…

Here are few such tried and tested remedies

Home remedy for Cold & Cough

  • Freshly extracted Ginger juice one teaspoon added to two teaspoons for honey can really help the cold and cough in kids, for grown ups reduce the honey to 1 teaspoon. ( Seriously cold has no treatment, any remedy is just to make u feel better and fight the virus)
  • After your regular bath, pour a cup of warm water mixed with a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil over the chest to ease nasal congestion. This is particularly effective in kids.
  • A cup of milk boiled with 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and ?1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder, is another wonderful remedy for cold.

Home remedy for Gastric trouble

  • Take say 3 to 4 pods of garlic, roast them in direct flame of your stove till they have some brown spots on them. ?Eat them and drink a cup of warm water.
  • Take a couple of pods of garlic, cook them in say 1/4 cup of milk and then eat the garlic and drink the milk .

( Dont forget to brush your teeth :P )

Home Remedy for Indigestion or Stomach upset

  • Angayapodi is my first choice. Its absolutely a wonderful powder that works wonders equally for toddlers, kids and adults. You need not wait for your tummy to get upset to use it, adding it to your regular menu can help maintain a wonderfully healthy digestive system. Infact this is highly recommended for moms who JUST DELIVERED. I always buy my stock of ?it from “AMBIKA APPALAM DEPOT” in Chennai. You can find the recipe here

Home remedy for menstrual cramps

  • A teaspoon or more of fenugreek seeds swallowed with a glass of buttermilk can give a good relief.

Home remedy for Sore nipples/ engorged breasts for breastfeeding moms

  • Cabbage leaves really can help with sore, engorged breasts. Now dont ask me how
  • After baby is done with a nursing session, express a few drops of milk and massage it into the nipples . Let this natural healer air-dry, this is better than the icky lanolin stuff. Lanolin is the sebum or grease from sheep?s wool is probably not the best choice as it may contain pesticides too.
  • When breastfeeding, don?t use soap on the nipples as they have special ducts?that secrete naturally lubricating, bacteria fighting oil.

Home remedy for avoiding BPA in your drinking water and SAVING THE WORLD

To cut the long story short, we spend a lot of money over bottled water to slow poison ourselves. Believe me these packaged water travel long distances, undergo harsh temperature differences and the result BPA and dozen other chemicals leach into this water. BPA is a well known carcinogenic with various other hazardous effects on our body. Google BPA and you will be shocked. So why are we spending so much money to kill ourselves and the PLANET???

The story is the same with packaged nursery water ..its so sad.

Home remedy – Have a good BPA free filter like BRITA at home, filter your tap water and use it for your drinking, cooking, etc. ?This way you save your health, your money, and more importantly the PLANET. Tap water is more regulated in USA than the bottled water.


Watch this video for more information.http://www.youtube.com/storyofstuffproject

This post rushes to reach the deadline for Ruchika’s Home Remedies Event

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