How eco-friendly is our lifestyle?

Every waking moment this question “How eco-friendly is our life style?” keeps buzzing in my head.



6+ years of consistent baby steps and I still don’t think our life style is completely sustainable given the challenges of living in these concrete jungles in Singara Chennai.

For example we still cannot recycle and use our grey or black water from kitchen and toilets. We still have to at times buy our groceries in plastic packets and of course the milk. There are more such issues but I am going to stop talking about them for two reasons –

  1. The list could be pretty long and boring
  2. I want to list the positive attempts and the positive results to help us keep going towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle

This post is kind of going to be my master list of the good things we have consciously adopted in our everyday lives, this will be a milestone post to remember. I will try to blog about each one of these bullet points in detail and  link all the Do-It-Yourself recipes for this healthy eco-friendly lifestyle here later. That will make life easier for all of us, right?

Where do I start…hmmmm. ok the first thing we all do in the morning is to brush our pearly whites. So let me start from there

  • Brushing our teeth – We use home made tooth paste and tooth powder. I will post the recipes soon. Planning to chuck the plastic toothbrushes soon too. Challenge is to wean my first kiddo off Vicco herbal tooth paste.
  • Bath – We use only organic herbal handmade soaps or herbal bath powder. We use only shikakai ground with herbs for our cleansing our hair. This helps us support a bunch of destitute women who work to make these handmade soaps. At times the commercial soaps sneak into the house, which we are consciously trying to avoid.
  • Moisturisers– Coconut oil is our moisturiser 🙂
  • Deodarants – We use a home made deodarant. Will soon post the recipe its easy peasy.
  • Image courtesy :

    Image courtesy :

  • WE cloth diapered our second son completely and now after almost 3 years those Modern Cloth Diapers (Bumgenius brand) have been passed on to our friends daughter. They are sooooo good for the nature as well the baby’s bum
  • Image courtesy -

    Image courtesy –

  • I use Eco-femme Cloth menstrual pads and not those whispers or stayfree. I would advise all of us should stayfree of these crappy pads and remind our self there is nothing to Whisper about them. Shout Aloud that they are super crappy and toxic. Avoid them with all your might. Once in a while during travel or other times when access to clean water or time to dry the pads is a challenge, may be we can use them but I would not otherwise.
  • photo courtesy - Krya website

    photo courtesy – Krya website

  • Laundry and Dishwash– WE use KRYA detergent powder and dishwash powder. A lovely and very very inspiring couple Preethi and  Srinivas are the brains and strength behind KRYA. They are super awesome people who care for Mother Earth, values and ethics in every act of theirs in everyday life and in their business. Their products reflect the same. These products are made from Organic soapberries and herbs. People might feel they are expensive, but they are NOT! They last a long time so you get the money’s worth
  • Cleaners around the house – We use some herbal cleaners right now made by a group of physically handicapped people in north India and another one from Auroville. Otherwise most of the cleaning is easily achieved using Baking soda and White vinegar
  • FOOD– This is very very important for us for we are foodies and health enthusiasts. I totally believe in REAL FOOD. We buy organic as much as we can and mostly from reStore ( We rarely very rarely visit a super market
  • Composting all our food waste in our KAMBHA home composter:) Such a healing and joyful experience. This compost nourishes the few plants in our small balcony and our community gardens too. The water used to wash grains and vegetables in the kitchen is used to water these plants.
  • We believe and follow “AVOID, REFUSE,REDUCE,REUSE,RECYLE” in that order for dealing with plastics. Trust me this is not easy with so many GIFTS that our kids get being plastic. We had been polite and had accepted it before, but now we are slowing learning to say NO.  This PLASTIC  monster is multi headed and  aint easy to handle though 🙁
  • We recycle all our plastics and paper that cannot be reused.
  • We try not to use AC or CAR to the maximum possible extent. WE prefer public transport and use the car only when its houseful 🙂
  • We try to not buy imported food considering the food miles. Olive oil being the only exception 🙁
  • We support Local Businesses and farmers. We do not buy from the corporate chains and super markets.
  • We carry our own shopping bags and containers for our shopping.
  • We switch ON our electrical appliances only when needed.
  • We try to follow a minimalistic approach to living.Living eco-friendly is also Pocket friendly.
  • Thats what comes to my mind right now. There are so many things we can all change in our lifestyles to make it better for Mother EArth and also our health.

WE have the responsibility to take care of Mother Earth for she is living and breathing. She is a part of us. We as adults have the responsibility of leaving this Earth to our children at least in the present state, NOT WORSE.

We have the responsibility of passing on good values/ethics and life skills  to our future generation. Without this any kind of education would be a Joke, very tragic joke.



It gives immense joy to us when Little S gives lectures to people about eating organic, avoiding plastics, saving water and more.  Little V keeps talking about “Composhth” “Maggots” , “Oil machaage” and his love for homemade toothpaste 🙂




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