Two years that flew by @ our farm- Part3

The work @ the farm in the last two years

Oh the list  looks quite long


  • Repairing the house – this seems never ending, everyday and every season brings in new challenges  and with it new solutions and leanings. More in this blog post (
  • Working with the soil : Making our raised beds, mulching, weeding, planning and planting. My flowering plants, our dream trellises and so many more experiments. 300+ tree saplings that we planted as part our food forest and live fence. We love doing most of the work by ourselves, especially DH spends a lot of time working at the farm. Our friend and neighbor Ramesh anna helps us a lot with really hard physically taxing work at the farm.. Definitely this land which was filled with wild grasses, lantana and partheniums has transformed greatly and so have we. That is the beauty of working with nature, she guides you and transforms you, that reflects outside as well as insidefarm1I have got the most important messages sitting near or watching a tree or a plant, trust me they are my greatest Spiritual gurus.
  • Oh the flowers how I love them, their flower power sends me so many beautiful messages,for instance ” they keep spreading their fragrance even when crushed, can there be anyone better to teach Forgiveness?” “When a plant realizes its in danger (like the drought its facing right now) they flower profusely with sole intention of preserving its species through fruits and seeds ” so many more if only we get to sit and listen to themflower1
  • Working on two rain water harvesting ponds- The first project we took in our hands with an aim to harvest the maximum possible amount of water. For we observed that the altitude of our land, makes it a huge challenge to retain water and topsoil during rains. The summers are getting hotter. So we dug ponds, trenches, did some nets and pans, built little bunds, lined our ponds with HDPE (after long list of experiments and research)… oh and lots more….  this topic can be multiple blog posts by itself. Unfortunately monsoons failed completely this year and partially last year, but what we have harvested is the only hope to survive the summer.RWH1
  • DIY drip irrigation project is something Vicknes and I really spent a lot of time and energy in the last two years. We did everything, the work and the rework from the scratch just all by ourselves. In the process we learnt a lot and connected a lot more with our land, the terrain, her offerings and our plants. It was back breaking yet rewarding. Boy, I am so so proud of my Dear Husband’s plumbing skills and many more life skills he had and has acquired after moving to the land.
  • Drought management: We are still battling a severe drought. This drought has brought a lot of gifts along. The boys definitely have learnt not to waste water from the situation, the discussions and a few times from lecture given by us too. We try to  save every drop of water and use the grey water even more efficiently. We harvested stones from the farm used them to mulch and to make Dew catchers with them around the tree saplings. Deep soil irrigation  using 2 ft long pipes coupled with drip irrigation is something we are experimenting right now, but still are struggling due to not enough voltage for pumping water. Carrying water and watering the plants has been taking most of our time for the last few months. We have got some rains today, what a relief. I pray for more rains.
  • When will the cow come ? We bought second hand poly house structures when SPIC dismantled their polyhouses in Coimbatore suburbs. We tried constructing a cowshed with these frames and used flex banners but unfortunately or fortunately severe drought has put the plans of having desi cows in the farm on hold.
  • Struggles with low voltage electricity : Oh we live in India, struggling with government organizations and and its way of working can never be left out of any of our stories can we?… sigh good part of Vicknes’s energy gets drained in talking to government officials for a stable electricity connection. Two years we have been managing with really low voltage electricity and are still waiting for the stable connection.

Life was never meant to be a bed of roses 🙂

to be continued…

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