Two years that flew by @ our farm -Part 1

It has been two years and a month since we moved to our farm. It has been two months since I started working on this blog post, sigh. I had aimed to post this on Jan 24 but dint happen … life is like that . Now begins the flashback

I still remember how Vicknes and his father struggled and traveled a lot to get the old house at the farm repaired for us to move in.Vicknes would travel every weekend from Chennai for the repair work.

Finally on Jan 24 2015 when we moved in, we did not have a single shelf to put our things as the delivery guy delayed it by weeks. For literally 2 to 3 weeks 7 of us (my boys, VICKNES, Satish, Nidhi and Akila) lived out of cartons, cooking on a camp stove, washing dishes under the starry sky with cold wind blowing on our faces. That was a great enjoyable experience .. brings smiles to my face.

When I sit back and think about these two years… I feel good about all the things we did and some that we did not ,lot of great moments that we enjoyed in spite of so many challenges and hurdles that we faced and we still face. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that life brought us our way.

The kids

Yes, watching the kids (S,V,N & Y) play in these vast green spaces, their pretend plays full of creativity where sky is the limit, their hours of cycling, giggles, fights, negotiations with each other, their impromptu dance and music performances, bird watching, bug watching, working  in the farm and creating things with them, watching the singari melam and temple processions with them, discussing anything from food to space with them and lots more. Learning from them to look at this world through their eyes is such a relief.My boys and our neighbors Anita and Satish’s girls show us what it is to live life fully and to live in the present!

Little S created a “Secret Association of kids”  with five members the kids and our dog Rusty, they made badges for themselves, held secret meetings in the car shed and various other spots in the farm. Later they dissolved the club as one of the members could not keep secrets. Then they named themselves “Fabulous four” the dog obviously has been excluded, but they renamed it to “Famous Four” as the youngest member Y could not say Fabulous properly.

Here is a picture of the Famous Four on a walk in the village 🙂

The Famous Four on a walk with us

The Famous Four on a walk with us

They have grown up so big so fast but watching them grow on our farm, has been the best part of living on the farm.

I am sure Vicknes, Satish and Anita would agree with me on this hands down.


Every time Vicknes and I feel low looking at the drought struck farm, our boys lift up our spirits, yes they do it effortlessly every single time. We always tell people that whatever we are today we owe a huge part of it to our parents of course, but we owe an equally huge part to our boys. Their little fingers have been held for guidance almost always.

The three boys in the family made these for Ganesh Chaturthi using the clay from the farm


Farming,Crafting and cooking with my boys have been greatly satisfying and healing.


Of course they trouble us too which kid does not, but what is life without their naughty pranks. Oh the number of pits they have dug, contraptions they have built, little V’s machine building, plumbing and electrical wiring using yarns (spinning spider webs inside the house to be precise), their conversations filled with innocence, their big dreams about their future, their pranks and mischief  are  all beautiful memories to cherish forever.

My Little S dreams to become a Car design engineer for BMW while the younger one Little V  wants to be a farmer. These are their current dreams 🙂

Yesterday Little V tells me ” Amma, I will not leave our farm and I will ask my children also not to leave the farm. I will ask my children to tell their children not to leave our farm, otherwise people will cut the trees in our farm later. I don’t want that to happen. I want to grow more trees and get more rain I smiled at him.

Immediately Little S saysAmma, I wont tell my children anything of that sort, you know why? I think they should do whatever makes them happy in their life. ”

A few hours later I see Little V lying on the bed in deep thoughts, suddenly he turns and tells me “ Amma I think I don’t want to fly in an airplane anymore, because it pollutes a lot. Have you seen the white lines that these jet planes leave in the sky, I think that is polluting. I think I will go by train or bus.”  Learning happens all the time, how great it will be if people realised  this and let the children learn freely.

My boys are growing up fast , aren’t they ?

When I asked my boys for their memories of the two years here is what they had to share in their own words

Little S ( 8.5 years old) says

“I remember watching the attempts to fix of the borewell twice, fixing tallest tower in the house, doing the biggest wiring project in the whole farm,watching hailstones,baking cookies. playing International Space Station game on my tyre swings, making chocolate powder out of sieved mud, cycling on main road especially to Rajagopal sirs house, operating JCB for the first time with help, watching sounder uncle break the old windows, riding in harley davidson, royal enfield and bmw of the visitors, forming the secret association for kids and then dissolving it to form “Famous Four club” as one of the girls cannot keep secrets.”


Little V -(5.5 years old) says

“I remember lots of digging, making mud cakes, cycling especially to Rajagopal sirs house, eating at our Neighbors house, climbing grills, plumbing, harvesting, leveling soil, our dog brownie’s death and burying her, riding in royal enfield and bmw, learning masonry from Rajan uncle.”


How beautiful is their world 🙂

I feel it is very essential for kids to have lots and lots of pretend play, spaces to run about and play, joy of interacting with nature/panchbhootas(air,water,soil,space and heat) in their play, freedom of speech, lots of opportunity to express their natural curiosity and creativity, lots of safe social interactions, really good role models to learn from and of course last but never the least GOOD BOOKS(age appropriate of course)!! That is childhood (education) for me 🙂 Every second pregnant with so much learning, that we have never missed TV or any other electronic gadget.

These two years have assured that yes this kind of education is what works for me and my family.

(Kathalakandi kadhaigal To be continued ….)


  • What about the rest of the village?

    • I am assuming that you are referring to the kids interacting with the rest of the village and answering the question. They do interact with adults and some children but not on a daily basis. One because we are in less densely populated stretch and the more densely populated village is 2 kms away. This stretch does not have many children of their age and the ones who were there have migrated to Coimbatore for studies. Two most kids go to school.

      • They interact with a lot of different people though visitors of all kinds, masons, electricians, plumbers, farm workers, cab drivers etc. etc. and no body can escape them and their curious list of questions

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